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China Testing No Longer Required

The government announces that finished products do no longer have to be tested on animals!


In a surprising turn, the Chinese government recently announced that post-marked animal testing on any domestic or imported cosmetic products would no longer be required.

This marks an epic change to what was one of the most criticized trade rules worldwide and opens the market to countless vegan and cruelty-free brands who did not wish to conform with the rules and rather stayed away from the biggest beauty market in the world.


Chinese agency Gansu Province National Medical Products Association made the announcement. According to the animal-rights organization Cruelty Free International has praised the decision and emphasized the impact this will have on the global beauty industry as well as animals that would otherwise have to suffer under the strict regulations.


The group’s Chief Executive Michele Thew stated that “This assurance by the Chinese authorities that post-market animal testing is now not normal practice is an enormous step in the right direction and most welcome. At this stage, this does not automatically mean that brands can import to China overnight and be cruelty-free, but we are delighted that through cooperation and partnership, our aim to end cosmetics animal testing everywhere and forever is coming closer. We hope that this will pave the way to actual legislative change that will benefit cruelty-free companies and the Chinese consumer as well as many thousands of animals.”


The Pure Panda will be sure to stay on this and update you with further developments.




Team Panda

23rd May 2019

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