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Cruelty-Free China

A groundbreaking CRUELTY FREE INTERNATIONALpilot project opens the door for ethical companies to sell in China



Many of us have dealt with this frustrating situation – we’re excited to discover a cruelty-free, often even vegan, brand and are ready to open our wallets, when we suddenly realize, the brand sells in China!

As per many companies’ policies, brands will test on animals when required by law. This has led to many a brand to jump the cruelty-free ship in order to enter the Chinese market. Often times these brands hide their animal testing procedures in rather confusingly phrased policies, misleading many customers.

This has inspired us to put together a list of global giants that do STILL test on animals.


Now CRUELTY FREE INTERNATIONAL has taken a huge step towards a less cruel world for animals,launching a pilot scheme that could pave the way for Leaping Bunny certified cosmetics companies to enter the Chinese retail market.


By partnering with Knudsen&Coand Fengpu Industrial Parkthe sheme will help cruelty free cosmetics brands remove the numerous barriers of entry. Foreign companies that wish to manufacture and market their products in China will be able to avoid testing on animals by producing cosmetics in China that don’t need post-market testing.


Earlier this year, the organization arranged a meeting in Shanghai, bringing together Chinese companies and representatives from the cosmetics industry. This was followed by an event in which representatives from Leaping Bunny companies as well as the UK Department of International Trade at the China-Britain Business Council in London this summer. The event was an opportunity for companies to learn more about the project and register their interest.


The CEO of Cruelty Free International, Michelle Thew, stated: “We know there is demand from consumers in China for cruelty free cosmetics and incentive for companies to operate in the Chinese market. Having worked intensely with our partners in China, we are delighted to be able to announce this ground-breaking project. This is a great opportunity for us to gauge the level of demand from international brands to register their interest in entering the market in China. This is a really exciting scheme that could benefit animals, consumers and cruelty free companies alike.”


Please help the organisation end cosmetics testing on animals globally by signing our petition.


Team Panda

05th November 2018

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