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H&M Bans Cashmere

Exposé reveals tortured baby goats, leads to fashion giant phasing out the fibre by end of 2020


Global fashion giant H&M has decided to phase out items containing cashmere by the end of next year. The decision follows a report on the industry’s cruel practices, including the brutal beating of baby goats, by animal-rights organization PETA.


The organisation’s Asian branch revealed footage from Chinese and Mongolian cashmere farms. Together the two countries make up 90 percent of the world’s cashmere production. The footage shows workers hitting goats over the head with hammers as well as slitting their throats, which usually follows the brutal tearing out of their hair with sharp metal combs.


The high street fashion juggernaut, which includes eight global apparel brands, has previously announced its determination to exclusively use sustainably sourced materials across its production by the year 2030.

The company announced on their website that “as part of our 2030 goal to only use sustainably sourced materials, we are now beginning to gradually phase out conventional cashmere. H&M will stop placing orders on conventional cashmere and the end of next year. While cashmere is popular for its soft texture and is known as a high-quality material, it comes with both environmental and animal welfare challenges.”


H&M previously pledged to ban mohair by 2020 after a similar report came to light with footage from mohair farms in South Africa.

The company continues to expand its reach into the sustainable and vegan territory, partnering with companies like Piñatex and Orange Fiber to produce collections.

Team Panda

23rd May 2019

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