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Misleading Vegan Labelling

Cosmetics Giant L'Oreal Labels Products 'Vegan' Despite Animal Testing

PETA told PBN it 'urges consumers to choose from the many compassionate brands'



Cosmetic giant L'Oreal has faced an angry backlash from consumers over the misleading labeling of some products as 'vegan'. Vegan activist Jona Weinhofen reached out to the brand via Twitter, specifically regarding the claim it made on a haircare product - which carried the stamp '100 percent vegan'.

Weinhofen said: "I guess no-one has told you, but to be 100 percent vegan, you have to not test your horrible products on animals, not just make them free of animal products. Buyers beware, this stamp isn’t certified and the product is NOT vegan-friendly."

Garnier, which belongs to L’Oreal, has also gotten plenty of criticism from consumers, claiming that their new ‘natural’ line is supposedly ‘vegan’. As part of the parent company, the brand sells in China and is therefore required to test on animals.

According to the brand's own statement on testing: "L'Oréal does not test any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals and has been at the forefront of alternative methods for over 30 years." Such misleading statements often confuse and upset customers who seek clarity from brands.

Under the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA] there is no legal definition for terms pertaining to animal testing – which means that phrases like 'against animal testing' can be applied even if a product is tested. The same applies to the term ‘Vegan’.

This means that although L'Oreal's 'vegan' label isn't true in the ethical sense of the word, the brand can legally still claim that its products are vegan as animal by-products have not been included.

Speaking about this issue, Mimi Bekhechi, Director of International Programmes PETA, told PBN: “Switching to a vegan diet, wardrobe, and beauty regime helps people feel as great as they look. As the number of vegans skyrockets, savvy brands are catching on and ditching animal-derived ingredients in favour of superior and humane vegan ones. PETA recognises that L'Oréal is taking steps to make kinder products, and we eagerly anticipate a day when the company ends all testing on animals - which it currently conducts in order to sell its products in China.  But we urge consumers to choose from the many compassionate brands that use only vegan ingredients and refuse to test on animals anywhere in the world.”

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Team Panda

07th November 2018

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