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London Vegan Members’ Club

The exclusive vegan members’ club, The BRIGHT Club will offer exclusive vegan co-working space and special events.

The BRIGHT Club, which was formed by ethical lifestyle magazine BRIGHT Zine will offer private co-working space in Hackney as well as exclusive events to members,  who must be vegan or work for a business supporting the cruelty-free cause. This incudes access to talks, panels, networking events, as well as yoga. The Hackney space is open to non-members, too, and encourages them to attend the events held there.

The co-working space, which seats up to twenty people at once, is located in The BRIGHT Store.  Apart from serving coffee, cakes, and croissants made by local vegan companies, the business is committed to its mission to support other vegan businesses.

BRIGHT Zine brought, what is believed to be the first club of its kind, to life with the help of BRAN Investments. The company intends to open more spaces like it across the UK this year.

With its main focus of being a place to work, relax, and connect with like-minded people and businesses, The BRIGHT Club aims to boost young vegan startups by providing them with the relevant tools and access to potential investors to grow their businesses.

Laura Callan, founder of BRIGHT Zine, told LIVEKINDLY, “We’re so excited to be creating this space to help support, nurture and connect the growing vegan community. We’re giving BRIGHT a home, and we’re inviting other businesses, freelancers and the vegan community to join us and create, learn and inspire. Who knows, maybe the next big vegan business will start here.”


To find out more about new products, in-store events and upcoming announcements, check out their Instagram page. The club will be opening its doors in June and will be open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm.




Team Panda

29th May 2019

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