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Veganism In South Africa

With South Africa’s vegan community ever expanding, it’s become a big player in plant-based culture.


South Africa’s vegan community is ever growing, with more people turning to plant-based food and businesses like Faithful To Nature catering to the crowd. According to food website Chef’s Pencil veganism is at an “all-time high” in South Africa. The website gathered Google Trends data to analyse the veganism in Africa.

The Pencil looked at searches within the veganism category including “what is vegan,” “vegan restaurants,” and “vegan recipes.” Following these searches, Google hands out scores to various locations based on the level of interest shown by assessing the searches.. Google compares the searches made about a particular topic to the overall ones made in that location.

The Google Trends data placed South Africa as the 23rd country in the world in terms of interest in veganism. According to the Chef’s Pencil it’s the continent’s only country with a “sizeable vegan following”.  The countries currently at the top of the list are the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden. Within South Africa Stellenbosch, Johannesburg, and Cape Town all ranked in the top ten cities for veganism.

The data suggests that South Africa’s attraction to veganism is only growing. In 2008, the country had a search engine “interest in veganism” score of 12. This has gone onto reaching 100 – the peak popularity level – in January this year.


Team Panda

30th May 2019

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