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Vegan Politicians


How vegan members of the Dutch Parliament are championing Animal Rights



With all the changes and reform to animal rights in countries and territories worldwide, it was only a matter of time until animals finally got a political party, fighting for their rights and welfare!


Enter the Party for the Animals (PftA).


The PftA is the first political party in the world to have been voted into a national parliament, running on an animal rights platform and proclaiming its inclusiveness of all creatures and their needs.


“Traditional parties are in fact single issue parties, with exclusive attention to Westerners and their money,”  party leader, Marianne Thieme, commented in a statement, continuing that PftA has a “broader vision.” 

“We have created the Party for the Animals based on the realisation that man comes from nature, moreover is a part of it – and thus must not set himself at the center,” 


Aiming to bring their message to a broader audience, vegan Member of Parliament and the PftA , Esther Ouwehand, is hosting the first ever screening of

the animal rights documentary “Dominion,” in New York. A fellow animal-rights party, The Humane Party, is co-hosting the event. The screening follows a sold out premiere screening in Melbourne, Australia as well as screenings in China, London, and the Netherlands.


“Dominion” has a similar focus to that of these parties. The feature-length documentary that aims to uncover the shocking and cruel reality of the meat industryaims to challenge the ethics behind mankind’s stance towards the animal kingdom. With detailed undercover footage, the film was made with a specific focus on how animals are used and abused in Australia’s food system. 


As part of today’s event, Ouwehand will host an open discussion and will address the United Nations with a talk on the meat industry that will focus on the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, food security, peace, and animal welfare later this week. 

Her address follows last month’s acknowledgement by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) of the importance of the issue, naming meat “the world’s most urgent problem,” mainly due to its damaging impact on the environment.

Team Panda

22nd October 2018

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