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Here is a list of some of our favourite resources we have found useful for living a cruelty-free life! Whether you are vegan or just curious please check out the links below!


Earthlings (ethics)
Speciesism: The Movie
Cowspiracy (environment)
Before The Flood (environment)
What The Health? (health)
Forks Over Knives (health)
Seaspiracy (fishing)
Blackfish (whales in captivity)
The Cove (dolphin hunting practice in Japan)
Sharkwater (shark conversation)


Happy Cow (vegan restaurant search tool - website and app)
The Vegan Society (for all things vegan and nutrition advice)
Vegan Health (health and nutrition)
Oh She Glows (recipes)
Minimalist Baker (recipes)
Deliciously Ella (recipes)
Post Punk Kitchen (recipes)
Cruelty Free Kitty (beauty)
Logical Harmony (beauty)
Ethical Elephant (beauty)
Vegan Beauty Review (beauty)
LynSire (beauty and lifestyle Youtuber and blogger)
Vegansaurus (USA based lifestyle guide)
Chic Vegan (fashion)
James Aspey (activist)
Fat Gay Vegan (UK based blogger)
5 Vegan (all things vegan)
Bite Size Vegan (all things vegan)
Vegaholic (vegan alcohol search app)
Vegan Amino (online community/app)